About Us

Dublin University Golf Society came into being on February 5th 1909 at a meeting in Regent House, Trinity College, Dublin. In the chair was the Provost, Dr. Anthony Traill, who was elected President. He had been the first President of the Dublin University Golf Club on its foundation in 1894, and was the one of the most outstanding Trinity characters of his age.

In that sense it is impossible to divorce the history of Dublin University Golfing Society from the University Golf Club. Many of the best undergraduate golfers naturally became the best competitive members of the Society as postgraduates. The earliest Trinity golfers were pioneers of the game in Ireland and played a notable role in its development, not least as able golfers but as charismatic characters. The story of the development of the Society is therefore one that plots the exploits of its best known golfers, such as Lionel Munn and Arthur Pierse, alongside the likes of Samuel Beckett, who will always be better known for the power of his mind rather than the power of his golf swing.

The Society has endeavored to keep a close connection between colleagues who had enjoyed their sporting life in College, between undergraduates and graduates, irrespective of whether they were golfers in their youth, or in their later years. Many members today were not Trinity golfers as students. While the Society has a fixture list of competitive scratch matches against some of the great golfing Societies of the UK and Ireland, it also has several fixtures that are open to all Members that will certainly be focused on a more Corinthian approach to the game.

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