Brent Knowll Bowl 2023

Brent Knoll Bowl

Team Captain Darragh Garrahy


Group 1 Alan Hopkins Darragh Coghlan

Group 2 Ian Smith, Cian Mc Cormack

Group 3 Cian Poland and Daire Creavin

Match 1 Vs. The Royal Navy

Poland and Creavin W 6&5

Ian and Cian L 1 Dn

Hopkins and Coghlan W 3&2

Match 2 Vs. Old Millfieldiands

Poland and Creavin  W 4&3

Ian and Cian W 1 up

Hopkins and Coghlan L 3&2

Match 3 (Semi Final) Vs. Leather Jackets

Poland and Creavin  W 2&1

Ian and Cian L 20th

Hopkins and Coghlan L 4&3

The BKB is a wonderful event and truly a tournament one can set their clock to. Played each year to coincide with the installation of daylight-saving time. Scarcely is a lost hour felt more than after several beverages with the prospect of an 8am tee time! Unfortunately, we were not granted the privilege of playing from the fairways with drop zones and mats enforced which was most unfortunate for our assembled team of ball strikers

Our team convened in the clubhouse on the Friday evening, the ever-earnest Darragh Coughlan joined Cian Poland earlier that day for a practice round as neither had played B&B before. Having won the scratch stableford last year DUGS were assured that we could not be drawn against reigning champions. Daire Creavin was the last to join us, coming by train he quickly made up for lost time and his first trip to the bar saw him return to the table with ‘a proposition’. There was a sole bottle of Kummel and we could kid ourselves, or accept our fate and buy the bottle. Several minutes later the bottle had DUGS written on the front and there was Kummel was in a glass beside each of our pints.

Our effort in the main event might have ended early, the first match was perhaps our toughest, The Royal Navy bringing a strong team as always with their very large pool to select from. Hopkins and Coghlan were steady in very poor weather going well up early on and holding on for the win despite their opponents strong comeback around the turn. Daire and Cian were very solid in winning their first match (on what was each of their first playing of the course!), this would be a sign of things to come from what proved our strongest pairing.

Our next opponents were the old Millfieldians, Aiden Neill, via text, informing us they would be another strong team. Hopkins was blown away by the 17 year-old who easily had him by 50+ yards off of the tee and his even younger playing partner (both of whom were Teetotal and county players) was also a very impressive golfer. They hung on to lose on 16. Creavin and Poland did their thing again winning early and so it was to Ian and Cian to keep our dreams alive and with high quality play over the closing holes and a birdie on 18 took the win.     

That evening we sat tired in the dining room and our friends from the leatherjackets who we would be playing early the next morning began sending bottles of wine to our table. Not a group to look a gift horse in the mouth, we sampled thankfully, but having all been raised well, we treated the leatherjackets to a tray of Jager bombs (we later discovered for many of them it was their first ever JB, what a treat!). The leatherjackets made their leave of the bar early and we were reminded that not only were they more careful drinkers they had a professional on their team. A questionable addition perhaps.

In the morning Semi Final Hopkins and Coghlan found the going tough early in match 1, strong play from a pair of ex-county golfers saw them well down to what would have been a barrage of birdies… had several of the putts not already been conceded! Their own early birdie on the third was only good enough for a half. They would come back strongly after the 8th hole where they were 5 down but eventually succumbed on the 15th. Daire and Cian in group 1 played an exceptional back 9 (as they did all weekend) and finishing with two birdies completed an undefeated week as pairing 1. Chapeau! So, then it was back to Ian and Cian, the Islanders, to try and get us to the final. They battled all day and appeared the stronger pair when they went to extra holes having come close to the win on 18, however, some exceptional turns of luck on the 20th hole for the Leather Jackets (a drive that travelled as far right as it did forward that was left in between areas of heavy rough in a flat stance) saw our dream of a showdown in the final disappear. In some ways it was fortuitous as it would have been a final match against the Army, famously slow all week, those returning to Dublin would never have made their flight.

Notes for the organisers would be that a lot of these chaps on the other teams don’t understand the etiquette of foursomes, “our strategy is to both go back to the tee on every hole” a statement that nearly made poor Cian cough up his breakfast Kummel!

A great and heart-breaking weekend, the captain of the club again said he truly hopes we will be back next year to take another leap forward. In our second visit to the Brent Knoll Bowl more friends were made, and DUGS were known for the laughter from our table and a very strong performance both on the course and in the bar.

Alan Hopkins

“Birdie Bros”

Denham Bowl 2022

Four masochistic gentlemen represented DUGS in the Denham Bowl for the 6th time, a 36-hole medal play, scratch foursomes comprising two pairs, both scores to count on both rounds. After finishing second in 2021, we were optimistic that we could go one better this year. 

Thankfully, we were able to stay in Gerry Connolly’s again after a one-year hiatus. Gerry and Kathryn’s warm welcome and beautiful home offer pleasant refuge from the chastising on the golf course. 

Match manager Darragh Coghlan paired with Harry McHugh and Aidan Neill was with Andrew Stokes. Both pairs played solidly in the morning, shooting 74 – 76 respectively, only a few shots back and in second place. But as is commonplace at DUGS events, particularly at Denham where they are famous for their marvellous lunch, piecing together an afternoon round is substantially more difficult than the first. Darragh and Harry shot 75 while Andrew and Aidan shot 84, resulting in a 3rd place finish. 

We will try again next year and hope the golfing God’s will reward our continual efforts.

Captain’s (Aidan Walsh) Prize

DUGS Captain’s (Aidan Walsh) Prize

Portmarnock Golf Club

30th June 2022

A lovely day greeted the members at this famous links course and although the weather and wind were favourable, the greens true and fairways fast, the rough was lush and tough did pose a problem for many. The course played was Yellow/Red.

There was some great scoring with Paul O’Gorman coming out on top with a marvellous 40 points winning the Pringle Trophy and a lovely decanter and wine glass set all engraved with the DUGS crest. Best Gross went to DUGC 2020 Captain Cian McCormack with Andrew Bryce 2nd beating Clive Lauder on the back 9. Our President Philip Myerscough was 4th.

It was very nice to welcome those who had travelled from afar to be here, George Lewis from Toronto, Martin Moroney from Lahinch as well as our sole lady Karen Jackson from Milltown.

Congratulations to Aidan for putting this marvellous day together which was rounded off by a great meal supplied by Ali and his staff to the 28 who played. Covid and Covid related issues did take their toll as we had an unfortunate 25% fall out rate during the week, but it did not diminish the enjoyment for the rest of the field.

Many thanks for the enthusiasm of the Portmarnock Golf Club and staff for facilitating us yet again which all made the day such a memorable occasion.

Huntly Lauder


Captain’s Prize:           Paul O’Gorman           40pts

Gross                           Cian McCormack         28pts

2nd                               Andrew Bryce             36pts

3rd                                Clive Lauder                36pts

4th                                Philip Myerscough      35pts

Front 9                        Gerry Killen                 19pts

Back 9                         Martin Moroney         17pts

Par 3s                          Roddy Comyn                8pts.

Brent Knowll Bowl

The 2022 Brent Knoll Bowl was the DUGS first participation in this long-running scratch foursomes event, played at Burnham & Berrow Golf Club since 1950. Sixteen teams (The Army, RAF, The Navy Old Shirburnians, Old Epsomains, Old Cranleighians and the like) compromised of six players each take part, with the DUGS this year being the first team in anyone’s living memory to gain a spot in the event after a drop out. We took the opportunity with open arms and are delighted to have received an invite back for 2023 and beyond.

Five (Darragh Garrahy, Ruairi Kennelly, Ian Smith, Richard Knightly and Alan Hopkins) flew from Dublin early on the Friday morning. A group of screaming young Irish Dancers made sure no sleep was had en-route and the DUGS arrived bleary-eyed at Burnham to meet our sixth man, Aidan Neill.

Knightly, Smith and Kennelly had their first sight of the course, followed in the practice round by Neill, Garrahy and Hopkins. Neill and Hopkins, meeting for the first time, were soon exchanging 3-factorial jokes. This was too high-brow for the match manager, who was only concerned with trying to find the centre of the putter-face.

The Friday evening sees a draft where teams can buy others, or each other. The DUGS, buoyed by Pomerol, bought themselves after a bidding war with the Wigorns of Blackwell. After this the draw was made and we drew the old Blundellians (The OB’s) in the round of 16.

 Neill and the match manager had to thrash out the finer points of the pairings for the Saturday morning. This required closing down the bar at the golf club firstly, after reacquainting with golfing society friends from over the UK, and returning to the guest-house, sans-key, to find it totally locked and the four more sensible team members fast asleep.  The chastising we got from the proprietor would set anyone straight. It even straightened out the DUGS opening three tee-shots against the OB’s the next morning.

Knightly and Neill led from the front and won 5/3 , followed by Kennelly and Smith who were -4 gross in winning on 15, 5/3. The two young eye Doctors in the final pairing couldn’t see anything but trouble from the tee and wrong lines on the greens for the first 12 holes, in being five down. They recovered to a one down loss on 18.  A 2-1 win in our first game was a great success.

The RAF, drawing from a large pool of golfing talent, have won the event four of the last five years, and we relished going up against them in the last 8. We kept the same order and game one lost on 17, with game 2 being level on the 17th tee when game three lost on 15. We ran out of steam (note to take the later Friday flight in 2023) and met a very steady side who showed us all their quality.

We sat on the terrace in the Saturday evening sun with some beers, watching the games come in, before heading inside for dinner. The barman was profuse in his apologies in saying that all he had left were ‘six fillets steaks and good wine’. We were well set-up to cover every topic in golf before retiring more sensibly than the night before. We had a catch up with Graham Jones, a DUG who is a member of Burnham, and were grateful for his support.

The Sunday saw a gross scratch foursomes stableford event for those not in the semi-finals of the matchplay, combining the three pairings scores. Off the tips with tricky pins and a very firm course, the DUGS won by 6 points. Knightly/Garrahy and Kennelly/Neill being the only pairings of the 36 competing to break 30 points, with 31 each.

The Warwickshire Bears beat the RAF in the final. Not so much an upset as to be a W-Bear you have had to be a Warwickshire County Player with a win-rate over 66% in your career. By winning the Sunday scratch stableford, we can’t be drawn against the Bears in the 1st round in 2023.

Here’s to backing ourselves again in 2023, and having more fun.

Darragh Garrahy

Match manager

President’s (Philip Myerscough) Prize

DUGS President’s (Philip Myerscough) Prize

Portmarnock GC

Friday 8th October 2021

Match Report

The forecast was good but many had not taken the Portmarnock breeze into account and were glad to accept the advice of an extra layer. Playing Red/Blue the course was in excellent condition and scoring was not sensational except for the winners.

Auctions of golf memorabilia achieved €1200 between the Captain’s and President’s Prizes and this was donated to the very worthy Trinity Access Programme to enable those less privileged to gain a 3rd level education. 

Andrew Baird was the best of the day with a great 38 points and the President in his own prize had a excellent 35 points to claim 2nd place with local man Gerry Killen coming in 3rd with 33. To keep it in the family, the gross was won by Philip’s son Jamie.

A lovely meal followed golf and we are very grateful to the club and staff for their help to make this day possible.  

1st Andrew Baird 38 pts

2nd Philip Myerscough 35 pts

3rd Gerry Killen 33 pts

Gross Jamie Myerscough 24pts

Front 9 Tom Shanahan 17 pts

Back 9 David Crampton 17 pts

Captain’s (Niall O’Connor) Prize

The Hermitage Golf club

Thursday 30th September 2021

After many failed attempts to play this fixture due to Covid restrictions  Niall O’Connor’s Captain’s Prize finally took place on a lovely day in Hermitage, despite a poor forecast.

We had a large field of 35 players and it was fantastic that this included 3 lady members. It’s great to see this part of the society being revived.

The course was in excellent condition and all praised the condition and speed of the greens resulting in many tales of 4 putting….

Kenny Johnston had the best score of 38 points to win the Pringle Trophy for the 5th time a feat not likely to be repeated. The gross was won by Sean O’Flaherty with 35 points, 2nd Hugh Rainey 34 points, 3rd Don Beck 32 points and 4th Aedan Jameson 32 points. The Ladies’ Prize was won by the Captain’s wife Gina O’Connor with an excellent 33 points.

Our thanks to Hermitage for an excellent meal and presenting the course in such excellent condition.

1st Kenny Johnston 38 pts

Gross Sean O’Flaherty 35 pts

2nd Hugh Rainey 34 pts

3rd Don Beck 32 pts

4th Aedan Jameson 32 pts

Front 9 Alan Wolfe 20 pts

Back 9 Niall O’Connor 18 pts

1st (Ladies) Gina O’Connor 33pts

The Ledger 2021

Venue: Royal County Down GC

Date: 1st October 2021

Match            DUGS             QUGS          UCDGSDUGS vs QUGSDUGS vs UCDGSQUGS vs UCDGS
1Jamie Myerscough 5.9 & Philip Myerscough 16.8  Peter Greene 1 & Stuart Gough 26Dermot Fullam 8.2 & Frank O’Riordan 10.9QUGS 4/3UCD 2/1QUGS 2up
2Niall O’Connor 6.6 & Pat Garvey 17.7  Fergus Patton 8 & Alan Irwin 14  Des Fullam 6.7 & Jackie Reynolds 16.3 (+)DUGS 2/1DUGS 5/4QUGS 4/3
3Johnny O’Driscoll +1.8 & Paddy Spain 17.8  Michael Curran 9 & Chris Connolly 15Sean Boland 1 & John Glackin 17.8Half MatchDUGS 2/1QUGS 3/2
4Aedan Jameson 6 & Fergus Duddy 15.0  Owen Flynn 5 & Richard Nicholas 15John Herlihy 8.7 & John Moriarty 12.4QUGS 1 upUCD 2/1QUGS 2up
5Dave Lawlor 2.3 & John Flavin 13.6  Mark Lyndsey 8 & David Irwin 17Tadgh Moriarty 6.5 & Eddie Lynch 10.5  DUGS 3/1DUGS 4/2QUGS 5/3
6Fran Quilty 2.2 & David McNamara 12.0  Gregg Sterritt 3 & Robert Brady 12Michael Keane 8.8 & Michael Deeny 10.6DUGS 2/1DUGS 5/4QUGS 3/2
Points  7.58.52   
Jamie Myerscough 5.9 & Pat Garvey 17.7  Stuart Gough 26 & Fergus Patton 8Des Fullam 6.7 & Frank O’Riordan 10.9Half MatchDUGS 1 UpQUGS 1Up
2Niall O’Connor 6.6 & Philip Myerscough 16.8  Peter Greene 1 & Alan Irwin 14  Dermot Fullam 8.2 & Jackie Reynolds 16.3DUGS 1 UpDUGS 4/3QUGS 4/3
3Johnny O’Driscoll +1.8 & Fergus Duddy 15.0   Chris Connolly 15 & Owen Flynn 5John Herlihy 8.7 & Greg Howard 11.1QUGS 6/5DUGS 3/1QUGS 3/2
4Aedan Jameson 6.0 & Paddy Spain 17.8  Richard Nicholas 15 & Michael Curran 9Sean Boland 1 & John Moriarty 12.4DUGS 5/4UCD 2 UpUCD 4/3
5Dave Lawlor 2.3 & David McNamara 12.0  David Irwin 17 & Gregg Sterritt 6  Michael Keane 8.8 & Eddie Lynch 10.5  QUGS 6/5UCD 6/5UCD 3/2
6Fran Quilty 2.2 & John Flavin 13.6  Robert Brady 12 & Mark Lyndsey 8Tadgh Moriarty 6.5 & Michael Deeny 10.6QUGS 5/4DUGS 3/2QUGS 4/3
Points  6.57.54   
Totals  DUGS = 14QUGS = 16UCDGS = 6   

DUGS vs Flat Caps 2021

Dublin University Golfing Society

Match Report

DUGSVFlat Caps

Venue: Royal Dublin Golf Club

Date: Thursday 8th July 2021

Match Manager DUGS: Fergus Duddy

Match Manager Flat Caps: John Quigley

Match Format: Four-Ball Match Play



Niall O’Connor (7) & Philip Myerscough (15) 6&5 vs Kieran Howard (11) & Dave McSwiggan (15)

Huntly Lauder (9) & Philip Halpenny (11) 3&1 vs John Kearney (14) & Paul Goti (15)

Aedan Jameson (6) & Brian Dunnion (9) vs Tadhg O’Dwyer (10) & John Glackin (18) 1up

Kenny Johnston (9) & Matt Minch (14) 1up vs Stephen Prendergast (3) & Henry Collier (14)

John Conway (8) & James Farrell (14) 2up vs Shane Santry (8) & Brendan Cole (17)

Liam Canning (4) & Fergus Duddy (14) 5&3 vs Brian Tector (9) & John Quigley (10)   

Match Result: DUGS 5-1 Flat Caps

This was the fourth staging of the Caldwell Quaich and DUGS retained the trophy with a comprehensive win over the Flat Caps. Given Covid-19 restrictions, the format for this year’s match was changed from 36-holes foursomes to 18-holes four-ball match play. Conditions were very pleasant and the general consensus was that Royal Dublin was in excellent condition. Following a light meal on the veranda, the Quaich was presented by Henry Collier (President, Flat Caps) to Niall O’Connor (Captain, DUGS). 

Fergus Duddy

Match Manager

DUGS ladies vs UCDGS ladies

Saturday 21st August 2021

On Saturday we had our inaugural ladies DUGS match against UCD in Rosslare.

It was a great success, everyone really enjoyed the event & wanted to be invited back again next year !

18 hole fourball matchplay:

Suzi Fanagan & Gina O’Connor DUGS – 1 Up vs Barbara Cotter & Geraldine Carroll UCD 

Denise Fanagan & Maeve Whelan DUGS – Half vs Liz Carton & Ruth Dwan UCD

Cathy Bryce & Cecilia Spain DUGS – 4 Up vs Clodagh Hopkins & Caroline Bergin (Captain UCD lady graduates) UCD

DUGS bt UCDGS by 5 holes

Captain Niall kindly at my request introduced the pairs as they teed off. His wife was playing in the first match with our ex Curtis cup player Suzie Fanagan.

13 DUGS(men) played a support match a number of whom cheered the ladies as they teed off.

After a wet start to the morning as both teams arrived on the tee box for photos the rain had cleared up & the sun came out during & after the match.

After 3 competitive matches & a lot of fun we retired to the terrace  to enjoy a beverage in the sunshine.

A few of us had a dip in the sea before we all readied ourselves for the evening festivities .

Cathy & Andrew Bryce hosted a wonderful dinner at their home at very short notice as due to a Covid outbreak at Rosslare GC the dining room was closed.

Aedan Jameson opened proceedings after dinner & myself & Caroline Bergin both spoke . The Captain presented the trophy to me on behalf of the DUGS team.

All the ladies really appreciated the DUGS men’s involvement on the day which really added to the sense of occasion.

After the great enjoyment had by one & all I have today been in touch with my contacts in Rosses Point & Dooks GC to discuss a possible DUGS ladies match.

I am also considering whether the DUGS ladies might have Milltown as their home club.

I am hoping that there will be good ladies support for the DUGS Captains prize in Hermitage.

I want to acknowledge the wonderful support I had from Aedan Jameson in ensuring this match took place.

Cecilia Spain

Match Manager


Dublin University Golfing Society

Match Report


Venue: Royal St George’s GC
Date: Fri 21st Feb 2020
Match Captain DUGS: J Conway
Match Captain LUGS: G Yeandle
Match Format: h’cap 4somes


1. Aidan Neill & Fran Quilty beat am Baker & Nick Holt 1 hole

2. Mark Murnane & Will Kelly lost to Mike Kershaw & Neil Falconer 3/2

3. Nicholas Dillon & Michael Gibson beat Jon Lavelle & Mike Edwards 5/4

4. Barry Grundy & John Conway lost to  James Bull & Jeremy Smith 5/4

5. Roddy Conway & Paddy O’Sullivan beat oddy Conway & Paddy O’Sullivan 7/6

6. Michael Fleming & Dermot O’Grady halved with Nicola Taylor & George Yeandle

DUGS 3 ½ LUGS 2 ½


1. Aidan Neill & Michael Gibson lost to Mike Kershaw & Jeremy Smith 3/2 (SHOESHINE)

2. Fran Quilty & Roddy Conway beat Nick Holt & Giles Brearley 1 hole

3. John Conway & Nicholas Dillon beat Neil Falconer & Mike Edwards 2/1

4. Mark Murnane & Dermot O’Grady beat James Bull & Mark Conway 1 hole

5. Will Kelly & Paddy O’Sullivan lost to Sam Baker & Nicola Taylor 2/1

6. Michael Fleming & Barry Grundy halved Jon Lavelle & George Yeandlel

DUGS 3 ½ LUGS 2 ½


LUGS Welcome Speech to DUGS 21 February 2020  (Neil Falconer)

A very good evening to you all – and we are especially delighted to welcome the DUGS back to Royal St George’s on this, the thirtieth anniversary of our first match.

A note on health and safety. You are all familiar with the coronavirus and are doubtless taking all appropriate precautions to prevent its spread. Here, in Sandwich, we have a localised viral issue to guard against – that is trench-foot, the consequence of near biblical rains for some weeks. Symptoms include very pallid facial colouring – we feared that Dermot may have contracted it, but all is well.

Now, this is slightly awkward, but I think I need to start by drawing attention to a very small point of etiquette. As the evening has unfolded, it has become clear to a number of us that our guests appear especially confident this year.

Of course, the DUGS might properly be confident; after all, last time they were here two years ago, they cleaned up at Cheltenham, trounced us comfortably out on these links, and then set off to Twickenham where they won the Grand Slam.

Rugby wise, they come to England unbeaten in this year’s  Six Nations. And golf-wise, they bring with them that champion reaper of points and last year’s MVP – Barry Grundy. Who wouldn’t be confident with a fact pattern of that sort?

And in no sense is my point of etiquette about any form of conversational arrogance or conceit; not at all. The issue of etiquette I have is that – looking beneath the table –  none of you appear to have polished your shoes for months – a clear sign that you all want to be drawn in the shoe shine match – and all expect to win!

Since we last saw you at the marvellous Island Golf Club, very little appears to have gone on in the Irish golfing world. To be fair, I suppose,  there was an excellent Irish Open at Lahinch (Lahinch – for those not familiar with the term, is the Gaelic for ‘town of Conways’). It was won, I am reliably told, by Sean O’Rahm.

Then there was a little amateur competition at Portmarnock won by James Sugrue from Mallow (which I believe may be in Surrey?) – and then, yes, there was the little issue of the Open championship at Portrush.

Until last July, I’d been able to tell everyone for the whole of my life that the reigning Portrush Open champion was called Faulkner. But, although I’m disappointed no longer to be able to make that boast, I must say that the championship was a tremendous success and the golfing world of Ireland (including the many DUGS involved in staging these events) is to be congratulated for putting on such a great show last year.

The comfort we LUGS can take from that success is that Shane Lowry did not attend Trinity College [I’ve checked] so we don’t expect to see him on the first tee tomorrow. That said, from Irish sports reports I’ve read this week, I am fully expecting to see Bono.

But Shane will be here to defend in July when Royal St George’s hosts its 15th Open. The last time it was here, of course, Darren Clarke won and who’s to say that one of Ireland’s finest won’t carry the prize away from Sandwich again.

Many of you are very familiar with this club and golf course so, no longer being on commission from Cubby Broccoli (and even with a movie shortly to be released), I will not relate any 007 stories. But Sandwich, as a town, is not without interest.

The town has a lengthy history, having been one of the leading ports in England from Anglo-Saxon times. By 1100, it was known as one of the Cinque Ports[1]. These ports were enormously important to the English economy because, back in those days, England considered trade with the Continent of Europe to be important.

As the centuries went by and uncontrollable silting led the port to struggle to service larger vessels, the economy dipped. So, in 1561, Elizabeth I granted rights to Flemish people to settle here and the economy was boosted by the introduction of their market gardening techniques; this soon led to Kent being known as the ‘garden of England’. But that was a long time ago when England considered immigration from the Continent of Europe to be important.

As an aside I would note that, though controversial, Elizabeth I, was not a monarch without wisdom – I think she may have established a decent university somewhere or other later in her reign.

In the 18th century, two of Sandwich’s residents changed the world. The first was a gambling addict called John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He found it virtually impossible to leave the roulette wheel so would nourish himself by charging his butler to bring him a cut of meat between two slices of bread on a regular basis.

Then there was Thomas Paine who lived in New Street and who, having become bored of his trade as a master stay-maker (that being someone that made corsets), decided to take to philosophy and thus helped to inspire the American Revolution and its constitution. Whether you think the food or the philosophy more important, I will leave to you. [Porks; any thoughts? Remember that, though Montagu brought food, Paine could turn his hand to corsets.]

Eventually, towards the end of the 19th century, William Laidlaw Purves, on an archaeological field trip with his brother, spotted this land from the tower of St Clements church and determined to build a golf course here.

Within 7 years of its foundation, the club held its first Open championship won by JH Taylor. Harry Vardon and Walter Hagan have both won twice here; and the Dunlop 65 golf ball got its name from Henry Cotton’s second round in 1934 when he triumphed. So, a links with a rich history.

And tomorrow, the links of Sandwich see our annual tussle. It may not be the best golf the course sees this year – but I expect the course will struggle to see a more cheerful match (even allowing for an occasional tantrum from our captain).

What do we LUGS fear most? Is it he relentlessness of the Grundy; the debonair swagger of the O’Sullivan; the wily selection policy of the Conway; the third loop in the O’Grady swing? Who knows – all of these features have been very effective in their day.

And while, away from this place, we may all find ourselves plunging into an uncertain future, I look to the last lines of a fine book that I occasionally pick up which read as follows:

‘But Trinity and its sportsmen refused to allow [the division of Ireland in 1921] to destroy the ethos that had made students and graduates into friends,  partners and participants in the future development of the country [  ]. Sport transcends politics. DUGS has played its unwitting part by uniting sportsmen who were really only looking for a bit of fun, camaraderie and a modicum of competition.’

Well said, Gavin Caldwell – and long may that ethos continue.

So DUGS, you are very welcome. And might I ask the LUGS to rise to toast the DUGS and ‘fun, camaraderie and a modicum of competition’!

[1] along with Hastings, New Romney, Hythe and Dover – but not, interestingly, Deal (where the RCPGC is) which was simply a limb of much greater Sandwich port

Winter Meeting 2020

Winter Meeting 2020 Results

January 3rd 2020 Portmarnock GC & January 4th 2020 Portmarnock Links GC

Gross Salver Winner: Darragh Garrahy 58 pts

Gross Salver Runner Up: Andrew Stokes 52 pts

Nett Salver Winner: Conor O’Donnell 69 pts

Nett Salver Runner Up: Nicholas Plunkett Dillon 68 pts

Senior Salver (over 55) Winner: Niall O’Connor 56 pts

Senior Salver (over 55) Runner Up: David Conway Snr 47 pts

Super Senior Salver (over 65) Winner: Huntly Lauder 43 pts

Super Senior Salver (over 65) Runner Up: Kenny Johnston 39 pts

Student Salver Winner: Jack Killeen

Best Nett Day 1: Dermot O’Grady 34 pts

Best Nett Day 2: Conor Fitzgerald 35 pts

Denham Bowl

Denham Bowl Tournament

Denham GC

31th August 2019

“The team chosen to represent DUGS for the 2019 Denham Bowl, on Saturday the 31st of August, was Darragh Coghlan, Richard Knightly, Andrew Stokes, and Ruairi Kennelly. Gerry Connolly and his wife Catherine once again showed the DUGS team warm hospitality. A bed for each competitor, swapping stories about our times at Trinity over some fine whiskey, and a chauffeur service to and from the course in Gerry’s infamous Mercedes M-Klasse 4×4. 

Stokes and Kennelly attended the traditional pre-tournament dinner. Coghlan and Knightly flew in later that evening and when they arrived at the club circa 9pm they stumbled upon an intoxicated competitor who had fallen asleep on the lawn outside the clubhouse. To Captain Coghlan’s relief, Gerry had kept his watchful eye on the DUGS during dinner and Kennelly and Stokes were found upright inside the club house.   

The DUGS partnered the 32 Club for the day’s play on Saturday. Denham was playing hard and fast with greens running exceptionally quick. Too quick for Coghlan, who uncharacteristically had a cold day on the greens. His partner Stokes was sent walking back to his bag to retrieve his putter several times when he wrongfully assumed that he had putt it ‘stone dead’. Reports from the partnership of Kennelly and Knightly weren’t much brighter, which included incredible recovery shots from the trees only to find out the wrong ball had been played and a shank on a par 3 that led to an 8. When all was said and done, Coghlan and Stokes shot 77-77 and Kennelly and Knightly shot 85-76 which left DUGS in T-8th out of 24 teams. Not the results the team was hoping for. Coghlan will once again have to go back to the drawing board in search of a winning combination but is left undeterred that success in the tournament is certain and not too far away.” 

DUGS vs PGC – Lionel Munn Trophy

Munn Putter 2019

Desperate to avoid a fourth defeat in a row, the DUGS Munn Putter team munched their pre-match scones in silence. The team members knew that another defeat would see them banished to the  Carrickmines match. 

A last minute substitution was required when Gerry Connolly sent in a sick note from London and D Conway Snr rushed to the links to replace him.

Lauder & Milltown Captain Flavin raced off to a 6 Up lead and quickly reversed back to 3 Up. Lauder blamed Flavin for the back-pedalling. DUGS Captain Duddy maintained his 100% record losing 4 down with FitzGerald to PGC Captain O’Reilly and Carr Mara winner Osbourne.

PGC’s Cashell and Caldwell, cruising to defeat at two down with five to go somehow managed to stand on the 18th tee 1Up against Canning & C Minch (returned from Pakistan for the match).  Caldwell lashed savagely at his tee shot and the ball disappeared. It may well have gone backwards. ” ***!”^%” he said and more besides.

A three course lunch was again enjoyed by the golfers before heading home for Sunday dinner. PGC Captain O’Reilly made a rambling and generally incoherent speech. No one, including himself,  appeared to know what he was talking about but he received a few generous cheers from those who were still awake. Captain Duddy responded for the DUGS (more confusion) and accepted the Putter on behalf of the DUGS. Another glorious and victorious day in the annals of the DUGS!

Match 1             C Lynch & E McCoy                 v           H Lauder & J Flavin                    3 Up

Match 2             K Dempsey & J Bolger            v            T Shanahan & K Johnston              2 Up

Match 3              E O’Brien & A Smith                v            D Conway & J Kenny                   2 Up

Match   4            T O’Reilly & J Osbourne         v            F Duddy & P FitzGerald           4 Dn  

Match 5              B Dunnion & G Killen             v             M Minch & M Murnane              4 Up

Match 6              GDPR  Caldwell & B Cashell  v            L Canning & C Minch                     A/s

Match result: DUGS win by 7 Up

Leatherjackets v DUGS

Leatherjackets GS V D U G S

Venue: Burnham & Berrow GC
Date: 18th October 2019
Match Captain DUGS: Aedan Jameson
Match Captain Opposition: Chris Powell
Match Format: Foursomes


1. Chris Homer + Kevin Clarkson – 1up V Fran Quilty + Brian Dunnion
2. Robin Ellis + Tony Mason – 1up V Darragh Garrahy + Kenny Johnston
3. Richard Champion + Neil Folland V Peter Pigot + Cormac Neill – 7/6
4. Trevor Hicks + Gary Homer – 4/3 V John Conway + Fergus Duddy
5. Will Gard + Barry Wild A/S V Matt Minch + Huntly Lauder A/S
6. Hugh Wilkinson + Chris Powell – 1up V Aedan Jameson + Graham Jones

1. Robin Ellis + Kevin Clarkson V Fran Quilty + Kenny Johnston – 2/1
2. Tony Mason + Trevor Hicks V Darragh Garrahy + Brian Dunnion – 4/3
3. Chris Homer + Will Gard – 3/2 V John Conway + Cormac Neill
4. Richard Champion + Barry Wild – 3/1 V Peter Pigot + Fergus Duddy
5. Chris Powell + Gary Homer V Aedan Jameson + Matt Minch – 2/1
6. Hugh Wilkinson + Matthew Lewis V Graham Jones + Huntly Lauder – 2/1

Result: Leatherjackets 6 ½ : DUGS 5 ½

The Ledger

Portmarnock GC, 4th October 2019

Time             DUGS            QUGS           UCDGS DUGS vs QUGS DUGS vs UCDGS QUGS vs UCDGS
8.00 Johnny O’Driscoll 0

Fergus Duddy 14

Russell Houston 8

Eoin McCoy 13

Bryan McSweeney 1

Frank O’Riordan 13

DUGS 3/2 DUGS 4/3 UCD 3/2
8.10 Brian Dunnion 8

Kenny Johnson 10

Ian Young 5

Frank Fleming 18

Dermot Fullam 9

Pat Reidy 13

1/2 UCD 1up UCD 2/1
8.20 Jamie Myerscough 6

Philip Myerscough 15

Michael Curran 5

Ian Emerson 12

Karl O’Neill 6

Kevin Cleere 14

QUGS 2/1 DUGS 3/2 QUGS 6/5
8.30 Aedan Jameson 7

Gavin Caldwell 13

Gregg Sterritt 5

Arthur Bell 19

Diarmuid Finan 9

Eamonn Kelly 12

DUGS 2/1 DUGS 3/2 QUGS 2/1
8.40 Fran Quilty 5

Stuart Margetson 10

Fergus Patton 6

Richard Nicholas 13

Des Fullam 8

Michael Keane 9

1/2 DUGS 2up QUGS 3/2
8.50 Huntly Lauder 9

Philip Halpenny 11

Robert Brady 8

Stuart Gough 24

Jim Harnett 8

Paul Talini 13

DUGS 1up UCD 2/1 UCD 4/2
Points 8 5 5 win = 1 half = ½ loss = 0


Johnny O’Driscoll 0

Kenny Johnson 10

Russell Houston 8

Frank Fleming 18

Bryan McSweeney 1

Pat Reidy 13

QUGS 1up 1/2 1/2
14.10 Brian Dunnion 8

Fergus Duddy 14

Ian Young 5

Eoin McCoy 13

Karl O’Neill 6

Frank O’Riordan 13

DUGS 2/1 UCD 2/1 UCD 2/1
14.20 Jamie Myerscough 6

Gavin Caldwell 13

Michael Curran 5

Arthur Bell 19

Dermot Fullam 9

Kevin Cleere 14

DUGS 4/3 DUGS 4/3  

UCD 4/2

14.30 Aedan Jameson 7

Philip Myerscough 15

Gregg Sterritt 6

Ian Emerson 12

Diarmuid Finan 9

Eddie Teehan 14

QUGS 2/1 DUGS 5/4 QUGS 6/5
14.40 Fran Quilty 5

Philip Halpenny 11

Fergus Patton 6

Stuart Gough 24

Des Fullam 8

Eamonn Kelly 12

DUGS 3/2 1/2 UCD 2/1
14.50 Huntly Lauder 9

Stuart Margetson 10

Robert Brady 8

Richard Nicholas 13

Jim Harnett 8

Michael Keane 9

DUGS 5/4 1/2 UCD 5/4
Points 7.5 3.5 7 win = 1 half = ½ loss = 0
Totals DUGS = 15.5 QUGS =8.5 UCDGS = 12      

President’s (Philip Myerscough) Prize

Baltray Golf Club, 11th October 2019

First: Cillian O’Riordan (9) 38 points

Gross: Nicholas Dillon (5) 31 points

Second: Michael Black (11) 36 points

Third: Clive Lauder (22) 36 points

Front 9: Conor Fitzgerald (5) 20 points

Back 9: David Varian (5) 20 points

Captain’s (Fergus Duddy) Prize

Report – DUGS Captain’s Prize, The Island GC

Winner : David Bunworth, 36 points
Best gross : Paddy Spicer, 30 points
Second : Fergus Duddy, 33 points (on back nine)
Third : Huntly Lauder, 33 points
Front 9 : Richard Fitzsimon, 16 points
Back 9 : Peter Fitzgerald, 18 points

DUGS vs Carrickmines Golf Club – TCD Pringle Cup

Carrickmines GC V D U G S

Venue: CGC
Date: 13.09.19
Match Captain DUGS: Huntly Lauder
Match Captain Opposition: Stephen Walker
Match Format: 4-ball, better ball


1. Guy Donald (6) + Roger Acton (16) 1 up V Fergus Duddy (14) + Ian Bryson (6)

2. George Donald(15)+Tony Nicholson(18) 2/1 V Gerald Tomkin(15)+Philip Myerscough(15)

3. Stephen Walker(11) + Dave Smyth(18) 2/1 V John Kenny (5) + Paul Williams (18)

4. Clive Chappel (19) + Donal Maher (13) 4/3 V John Lumsden (10) + Pat Garvey (17)

5. Clive Moutray(18)+Stephen Decourcy(14) 2/1 V Justin Carty (16) + Huntly Lauder (9)

Weather: A beautiful sunny day with little wind.

General comments, points of interest: Course in beautiful condition with work starting on phase 1 of their ambitous course development project as a result of Dublin slowly starting to get very close to the boundaries. A whitewash by CGC to make it 3 in-a-row. Good company, good cheer and a lovely meal.

DUGS vs RCD – Myerscough McKeever Trophy

Venue: Portmarnock GC

Date: 3rd May 2019

Format: Foursomes Matchplay




1. Jamie Myerscough (6) & Huntly Lauder (8) 5/4 v Patrick Keane (6) & Brian Murray (8)

2. Philip Halpenny (11) & Philip Myerscough (15)  1 up v Brian Gibson (12) & Robert Cullen (12)

3. John Osbourne (5) & Martin Moroney (13) 4/3 v Richard Porter (5) & Richard Flood (13)

4. Fergus Duddy (14) & Mateo Crowley (7) 3/1  v Aidan Hanna (14) & Peter Ellis (7)

5. Aidan Walsh (14) & Gregor Shanik (17) 2 up v Jim Pierce (14) & Colin Boreham (14)

6. Conor O’Brien (9) & Patrick Garvey (18) 1/2 v Michael Pierce (12) & Geoffrey Perrin (13) 1/2

DUGS 5.5 RCD 0.5


1 Jamie Myerscough (6) & Gregor Shanik (17) 5/3 v Robert Cullen (12) & Aidan Hanna (14)

2 Mateo Crowley (7) & Philip Halpenny (11)  3/2 v Richard Porter (5) & Colin Boreham (14)

3 Martin Moroney (13) & Conor O’Brien (9) 1 up v Brian Gibson (12) & Patrick Keane (6)

4 Huntly Lauder (8) & Philip Myerscough (15) 1/2 v Peter Ellis (7) & Geoffrey Perrin (13) 1/2

5 Fergus Duddy (14) & Patrick Garvey (18) v Richard Flood (13) & Jim Pierce (14) 2/1

6 John Osbourne (5) & Aidan Walsh (14) 2/1 v Brian Murray (8) & Michael Pierce (12)

DUGS 4.5 RCD 1.5


Overall Result: DUGS 10 RCD 2

DUGS vs UCDGS – The Cleek


Venue: Rosslare GC
Date: 18th May 2019
Match Captain DUGS: Aedan Jameson
Match Captain Opposition: Colm Menton
Match Format: Fourball, aggregate holes up/down
1. Andrew Bryce + Guy Johnston V Colm Menton + Paul Eustace – 1up
2. Michael Morrisey + Philip Myerscough Michael Keane + Don Arnold – 1up
3. Huntly Lauder + Padraic Dempsey – ½ V Tom Foley + Stephen Quinn – ½
4. Robert Brophy + Pierce Power – 2up V Niall Collins + Michael Galvin  
5. Declan Lernihan + Pedro Ribeiro V John Glackin + Eamonn Kelly – 1up
6. Aedan Jameson Larry Ennis + Billy Davis – 8up

Result: UCDGS 9up

Weather: A beautiful afternoon in the sunny South East

General comments, points of interest: Last year’s long hot summer tool its toll on very many Irish courses and Rosslare was no exception. However, despite this the course had recovered incredibly well from a very low position and a huge credit must go the the ground staff. The greens were also their best condition for many years. Rosslare’s hospitality was excellent as usual. UCDGC’s team had many new faces and obviously came with the intent to finally regain possession of The Cleek. Their Captain did question the reasoning for this format as against straight match play. A topic for discussion.