DUGS vs Carrickmines GC – TCD Pringle Cup

Event Details

Carrickmines Golf Club V DUGS

Venue: Carrickmines Golf Club
Date: 7th September 2018
Match Captain DUGS: H Lauder
Match Captain Opposition: B O’Loughlin
Match Format: 4-ball, better ball

1. Stephen Walker 12 + Tony Nicholson 19 4/3 V Matt Minch (C) 16 + Aedan Jameson 7
2. Nigel Kendrick 14 + Robbie O’Neil 22 3/2 V Gerald Tomkin 13 + John Green 15
3. Dave Hilliard 17 + David Smyth 18 2up V Jack Dilger 9 + Kenny Johnston 9
4. Brian O’Loughlin (C) 14 + Clive Moutray 17 V Conor Agnew 8 + Paul Williams 19 1up
5. Brian Levis 12 + George Donald 13 V John Lumsden 10 + Huntly Lauder 9 1up

Carrickmines 3: DUGS 2

Weather: A dull but warm day with a southerly breeze. Rain threatened but never materialised.

General comments, points of interest: A lovely day and a warm welcome greeted DUGS on their annual visit to Carrickmines. Pre match coffee and sandwiches were much apprecaited. The course was in good conditon despite the recent overseeding of the greens, but local knowledge and good golf got the hosts off to a good start winning the first 3 matches. DUGS managed wins in the remaining very tight matches to make the overall score look more respectable. After an excellent dinner the CGC Captain, Brian O’Loughlin, welcomed the visitors and thanksed them for a competitive match. He admitted, that despite being on the DUGS mailing list, he had never joined and promptly handed over his life membership fee. The DUGS Captain, Matt Minch responded, reminding us that this match goes back to the late 1940’s and naming many of the CGC golfers who were also members of DUGS. He concluded by thanking the catering staff and presented the Trinity Cup to the Captain, congratulating them on their win. Another enjoyable trip to The ‘mines.