DUGS vs Leatherjackets GS

Event Details

D U G S v The Leatherjackets GS

Friday 15th October 2021

Portmarnock Golf Club

Match Manager DUGS : Aedan Jameson

Match Manager Leatherjackets : Chris Powell

1. Darragh Garrahy & Cormac Neill vs Chris Homer & Rick Metcalfe DUGS 3&2
2. Cian McCormack & John Conway vs Trevor Hicks & Will Gard DUGS 6&5
3. Paddy McElligott & Kenny Johnston vs Robin Ellis & Gary Homer Match Halved
4. Brian Hall O’Mahony & Fergus Duddy vs Richard Champion & Chris Powell DUGS 2&1
5. Aedan Jameson & Matt Minch vs Barry Wild & Kevin Clarkson DUGS 18th
6. Niall O’Connor [Capt] & Philip Myerscough [Pres] vs Tony Mason & Hugh Wilkinson DUGS 5/4

1. Cian McCormack & Cormac Neill vs Kevin Clarkson & Robin Ellis DUGS 3&2
2. Darragh Garrahy & John Conway vs Tony Mason & Barry Wild Match Halved
3. Brian Hall O’Mahony & Kenny Johnston vs Trevor Hicks & Rick Metcalfe DUGS 5&4
4. Paddy McElligott & Fergus Duddy vs Chris Homer & Hugh Wilkinson DUGS 7&6
5. Niall O’Connor [Capt] & Matt Minch vs Richard Champion & Will Gard Leatherjackets 6&5
6. Aedan Jameson & Philip Myerscough [Pres] vs Chris Powell & Gary Homer Match Halved

“The biannual match, with the very best of formats 36 holes foursomes, lunch and dinner, took place on Oct 15, 2021 on one of the last days of an Indian Summer where the morning began cold and the sun shone throughout with very little wind. 

The Leatherjackets GS arrived matchfit and fresh from two days of golf in Baltray and the Island where they managed to include a very convivial previous afternoon and evening in Malahide.

DUGS lay in wait with a team of great quality despite the loss of individuals to another fixture in Prestwick. 

We were led by our Captain and President with six of the team that has fought well after lunch at Burnham and Berrow in 2019. 

We welcomed two new caps (Cian MacCormack and Brian Hall O’Mahony) the former having just graduated in June and playing to 1 handicap.

DUGS led at lunchtime by 5 matches to 1 and the top four DUGS pairings saw to it that a Leatherjackets recovery was of limited extent and those who had enjoyed a longer lunch could relax somewhat.

An excellent dinner with a few stories to follow – our immediate past Captain led the way with his story about the Isle of Wight Ferry which he thought operated from Plymouth! 

A fantastic day on a course in top-class condition together with the Club organisation that went out of its way to look after us”