DUGS vs Portmarnock GC – Lionel Munn Putter

Event Details

12 man team, 18 hole 4-ball aggregate

Manager: John Kenny

Munn Putter 2018


The 2018 Munn Putter team, considerably strengthened by the absence on safari of the senior DUGS members, suffered a shock third defeat in a row at the hands of Portmarnock Golf Club.

Early morning bacon rolls and coffee wasn’t enough to fuel a DUGS team against a youthful and ruthless opposition. Early matches were exchanged with PGC steadily building up a holes-up lead thanks to some generally incompetent play from the DUGS. Former bankers, Shanahan and Johnston appeared perplexed, their form of previous years a hazy memory. Brett and Connolly were savaged 6 down by Harnett and O’Brien. Nine down was the final result when Flavin and Murnane lurched in from the links.

No notable or unsporting moments were reported other than Spain’s approach to the 18th which may have set some sort of record for distance from an intended target.

Grace was once again mangled by the Prince of Tweed.

A three course lunch, the first since 2007, was enjoyed by the golfers who rejoiced at the return of the good times. PGC President Harnett sternly noted the absence of DUGS dignitaries and declared himself greatly displeased at the snub to Portmarnock. Match manager Kenny, standing in for the President, Captain, Hon Sec and Hon Treasurer, threw insults at anyone who came into sight and demanded, to loud applause,  the immediate return of the plaque to Munn’s Mounds.

Later, as the pain of defeat eased, Kenny consoled himself with the thought that the defeat would have been much more severe had the DUGS heavyweights been on the team.


Match 1   8 40am        William Eickholt 2 & Harry Bradshaw 4   P FitzGerald 7 &Mateo Crowley 6     3 Dn


Match 2   8 50am       Brendan Cashell 4 & Colin Lynch 8                 L Canning 4  & D McNamara 13    2 Up


Match 3   9.00am           John Bolger 12 & Kevin Dempsey 13              T Shanahan 9 & K Johnston 9   3 Dn


Match 4   9 10am            Jim Harnett 7 & Eric O’Brien 6                 M Brett 1 & Gerry Connolly 14     6 Dn       


Match 5   9.20 am          Howard Mahon 11 & David Gill 8       John Kenny 5 & Patrick Spain 19  A/S


Match 6   9 30am            Alistair Smith & Gerry Killen           Mark Murnane 3 & J Flavin 12  1 Up