DUGS vs The Flat Caps Golfing Society

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Dublin University Golfing Society
Match Report
DUGS V Flat Caps

Venue: The Island Golf Club
Date: Friday 31st March 2017
Match Manager DUGS: Fergus Duddy
Match Manager Flat Caps: John Quigley
Match Format: Foursomes Matchplay (Morning and Afternoon)



1. Gavin Caldwell (12) & Fergus Duddy (13) V Eddie McDonnell (9) & Henry Collier (13) 2 up
2. Aedan Jameson (7) & Philip Myerscough (12) V Dave McSwiggan (12) & Neville Atkinson (6) 6/5
3. Huntly Lauder (8) & Brian Dunnion (10) V Joe Hutton (7) & John Corbett (11) 4/2
4. Fran Quilty (5) & Philip Robinson (9) 4/3 V John Campion (12) & Anthony Delahunty (6)
5. Kenny Johnston (9) & Matt Minch (14) V Pat Desmond (14) & Shane Santry (11) 5/4
6. John Conway (7) & Jim Carrigy (8) 2 up V John Quigley (12) & David Hepburn (8)


1. Gavin Caldwell (12) & Fran Quilty (5) V John Quigley (12) & Joe Hutton (7) 1 up
2. John Conway (7) & Fergus Duddy (13) 2 up V Anthony Delahunty (6) & Shane Santry (11)
3. Aedan Jameson (7) & Matt Minch (14) 2 up V Pat Desmond (14) & David Hepburn (8)
4. Philip Robinson (9) & Brian Dunnion (10) 1 up V John Campion (12) & Eddie McDonnell (9)
5. Huntly Lauder (8) & Jim Carrigy (8) V Henry Collier (13) & Neville Atkinson (6) 6/5
6. Kenny Johnston (9) & Philip Myerscough (12) 1 up V Dave McSwiggan (12) & John Corbett (11)

Result: 6-6
Weather: Fair

DUGS v Flat Caps, The Island Golf Club, Friday 31st March 2017

Match Report

DUGS and Flat Caps assembled at The Island just after sunrise when tea/coffee and bacon rolls were served in the Front Lounge. John Quigley, Hon. Sec. of the Flat Caps, introduced both XIIs before setting out the schedule for the day. Morning foursomes would be followed by lunch and afternoon foursomes would be followed by dinner. The forecast was for a bright fresh day.

Playing off the medal tees, the links provided a formidable test. The Flat Caps took advantage of local knowledge and raced into an early lead ending the morning foursomes with a 4-2 advantage. Bovril and sherry at the turn, customary at Deal and Sandwich, was a nice surprise however.

A long lazy lunch gave DUGS a chance to regroup, lamb shank providing the sustenance required for an afternoon fight-back and reversal of the morning result. The 4-2 afternoon score was hard-fought however with five of the six matches being separated by 2 holes or less. In the end, a final score of 6-6 was a fair result and probably fitting for an inaugural match.

Dinner, preceded by the Trinity Grace, was followed by the customary formalities. Henry Collier, President of the Flat Caps, thanked DUGS for participating in what was their Society’s inaugural match. In response, Gavin Caldwell, President, Fran Quilty, Captain, and Fergus Duddy, Manager, thanked the Flat Caps for hosting us at The Island and wished them well in the future. Finally, we called time on what was a great day’s golf and camaraderie between kindred spirits.

Fergus Duddy
Match Manager