DUGS vs Malone Pirates – Black Trophy

DUGS V The Malone Pirates
Venue: Portmarnock GC
Date: 10.06.18
Match Manager DUGS: H Lauder
Match Manager Pirates: J O’Connell (Captain)
Match Format: 4-ball, aggregrate holes up

1. Johnny O’Driscoll 3 + Paul Williams 18 AS V Des Sheaher 0 + Rollo McClure 13 AS
2. Conor Ringland 5 + Joe McGivern 18 3up V Johnny Watt 3 + Tony Black 14
3. James Wyse 16 + David Bunworth 18 AS V Paddy Dean 4 + Arthur Mooney 11 AS
4. Jim Carrigy 8 + Denis Murphy 11 V Peter Law 8 + Brian Dean 14 1 up
5. Huntly Lauder 9 + Donald Hickey 12 7up V Bill Miscample 6 + David Lyttle 11
6. Philip Halpenny 11 + Martin Moroney 14 V Jim O’Connell © 14 + Michael Black 10 3 up

DUGS 10 up, Malone Pirates 4 up
Result: DUGS 6 up.

Weather: Beautiful balmy sunny day at PGC.

General comments, points of interest: Course very dry and running hard with good greens. A pleasure to be there. Some extremely good golf played in the first match by both sides with a half a fair result. Conor’s 12 puts on the back 9 sealed the 2nd match and again a ½ a fair result in the 3rd match. A good chip and put on the 18th secured the point for the Pirates in match 4 and a slightly off day for the Pirates’ pair in match 5, but some good golf and dovetailing by DUGS resulted in a hansome win. A putting lesson for Michael Black on the 9th by Philip Halpenny prooved to be a bitter pill to swallow as he went on to sink put after put for a good win. Out thanks to all those who participated especially those DUGS who came in a short notice, James, Denis and Martin. We lamented the loss of David Fleury earlier this year who was a stalworth of this fixture. We suspect that there may be a few grudge matches next year at Malone…. Bring on the challenge.